Most commonly asked questions by the constituents:

What kind of political experience do you have?

None. Our constitution was set up was for the working person to be able to take political office. I see issues in Monroe and it's time to fix them. The power to govern comes directly from the people, through free and open elections by the citizens of the United States of America.

Do you want to raise my taxes?

Absolutely not. I want to reduce our budget and give the money back to the people. Monroe's taxes are high, we need to reduce spending. I want to reduce our wasteful spending. I will closely consider any adjustments to budgets to make sure that if we need to approve spending for new projects that we also consider reducing money in our budget elsewhere.

What do you think about our downtown?

Our downtown is a beautiful and historic area that needs to be preserved and revitalized. We should advertise for downtown and offer tax credits for businesses willing to move in to occupy these empty spaces. Main street could be a hub for entertainment for not only the city, but all residents of Union County and beyond. Eat, Shop, and live in downtown.

Can we contact you after the election?

Certainly. I am not going to disappear because I have been elected. Members of the city council are here to work for you. You pay the taxes, your voice shouldn't be ignored.

How do we attract new business?

I will pay close attention to bills put in front of me to create jobs in Monroe. We need to spend more of our tax investments on attracting companies to make Monroe their home. Companies don't only look for tax incentives, they also look for the quality of life that their employees will have when moving to a new area. We have so much to offer in Monroe, as all of you know.