Corey McCain for City Council

What does voting for Corey McCain mean for Monroe? Voting McCain means that you will have a voice. As a life-long citizen of Union County, McCain's interests are the same as yours. McCain is a new comer to politics and ready to work for you!

About Me

Tax Reduction

Tax dollar consumption is a major concern to McCain. McCain will work towards fair and balanced tax budgets for our citizens. Getting rid of wasteful uses of your tax dollars.

Photo Credit: Devin Crook Fisher via Facebook.

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City Development

McCain believes in a robust downtown economy and being open to bringing distribution and manufactures to the city. Job creation is a top priority for McCain.

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McCain would like to ask for you to make your way to the polls this November in support of his campaign. He, like many others feel that Monroe has the ability to transform into something great; with energizing our downtown and becoming open to the new ideas of our community we can become a community of doers.

The McCain campaign is excited to work for you. Over the next few months we will be listening to the voters. Don't hesitate to reach out to me.

monroe courthouse

Next Steps...

November 7, 2017 is the day to vote.

Please ask your neighbors, friends, and family to get out and vote.